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Epsom Centennial Lectures – The Church’s Place in NZ Society

This looks interesting. Peter’s always an engaging speaker.

From an email received the other day

Epsom Centennial Lectures

A series of three free public lectures at Epsom Baptist Church, 4 Inverary Ave, Epsom.

The Church’s Place in NZ Society

19 July 7.30pm ‘Yesterday’
What New Zealand society looked like around 100 years ago and what place the church held in it.

26 July 7.30pm ‘Today’
The present place of the church in the wider New Zealand society

2 August 7.30pm ‘Tomorrow’
What the church’s place in New Zealand society is likely to be in the future.

Our guest speaker Peter Lineham is a fascinating speaker and renowned scholar whose interests cover a range of subject areas that can loosely be categorised under history and/or religion. He is widely published and his opinion is sought after throughout New Zealand and internationally on the topics of which he is an authority. These largely focus on the religious history of New Zealand but also on 18th and 19th century English religious history. Peter is Associate Professor of History and Head of the School of Social and Cultural Studies at Massey University Auckland Campus. His published work includes ‘There we found Brethren’, ‘No Ordinary Union’, ‘Bible and Society’ and ‘Transplanted Christianity.’

Enquires phone 630 6010 Email

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  1. Was talking to Andrew Gammon about these the other day. I’m gutted I won’t be there. I’m after a copy of any lectures if they’re available…

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