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Connect Bible Studies & Environmental Links

In the past I’ve used (and adapted) various of the Connect Bible Studies that were originally produced by Damaris in the UK. The studies pick up the theme that intersects with various facets of popular culture and the everyday world and runs with that for a few weeks. One of the best things about the studies is that they are (relatively) cheap and downloadable (saving on postage halfway around the world).

Anyway, today I noticed that the new owners of the series, Scripture Union (UK), have some new studies out based on the themes of the iPod, Climate Change, and Beauty.

See: Scripture Union – Connect

A list of older Connect material can be found here.

Both links have sample PDFs available as well as ordering links.

I’ll going to get the Climate Change one and see if I can integrate it with other things such as those from the Churches’ Agency on Social Issues (CASI) environmental resources, The Social Justice Commission of the Anglican Church, and DVDs such as Sleeping Giants: Climate Change – Science, Policy & Action.

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