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Messianic dreams and the iPhone

Heidi posts a collection of links that track messianic expectation (of sorts) around Apple’s iPhone. See When Religion Meets New Media: IPhone = Jesus Phone?!?.

Reminds me of this from Kevin Kelly in his article, “The Third Culture.” (Science 279 (1998): 992-993.):

One would expect to see frenzied, messianic attempts to make stuff, to have creation race ahead of understanding, and this we see already. In the emerging nerd culture a question is framed so that the answer will usually be a new technology.

Also, on the cyberspace front a three books I’ve added to my “to read” list:


  1. Hi Stephen, add Andrew Keen’s “The cult of the amateur”. It’s about Web 2.0, about 200 pages and a quick read.

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