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In the wake of PhD submission and graduation I’ve been interviewed a couple of times by the University of Auckland about being a theology PhD student. In particular, having four PhD graduates in September from a such small school/faculty has been reported on the front page of the university’s fortnightly internal magazine, and then the Alumni has a current spiel which I’m interviewed in, along with fellow PhD grad Brian Harris. (Brian features in this promo video for BTC in Perth here).

See Record number of Theology PhDs – Alumni and Advancement – The University of Auckland

Also got interviewed a while back for the university’s postgraduate campaign ‘In our own words’, and now I know why people hate seeing themselves on television. First time I’ve ever been interviewed on camera and now I know bit more about not what to do 🙂

Postgraduate study at The University of Auckland – In our own words and A Doctorate from The University of Auckland.

Video footage lurking on The University of Auckland – In our own words – Meet our students and supervisors.

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