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The robotic equivalent of a hug?

iRobot have produced a new household robot (‘ConnectR’) that allows you to partake in family life when you can’t be there in person. The small round robot allows you to see, hear and follow your loved ones around, as well as allowing you yo talk to them, all via wireless connectivity at home and an internet connection wherever you are.

More details on the product at iRobot Corporation: About ConnectR.

Hat tip to TidBITS Tech News: CES 2008 Day 3: Robots and Wrap-up.

Oh, and there’s a video of it in action over at Geekanerd – Video Games, Comic Books, Movies, and All Things Geek!: Digital Life: Two Minutes With the iRobot ConnectR.

Incarnational or excarnational living – the choice is yours. But somehow it doesn’t beat tucking the kids into bed in person, nor sharing the evening meal together.

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