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It’s the end of the world as we know it (again)

Kevin Kelly, over at Conceptual Trends and Current Topics – Doomsday Art, has an article reflecting on the continuing trend of exploring contemporary concerns through the apocalyptic genre.

The prospect of being the last person(s) on earth is weirdly seductive. It’s not about the end at all. It’s a romantic vision of rebirth, of starting anew, but with more assets and wisdom that the last birth. It’s a romance that will probably continue to generate works of art in all media every year from now on, until …. the end of the world.

Kelly’s musing are prompted by the recent movie, Cloverfield, and these articles, Apocalypse New – TIME and Life After People – TV – Review – New York Times.

I’d also throw in this for good measure: MONDOLITHIC STUDIOS – An Earth Without Us – A Mondolithic Monday Image.

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