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Bioethics/Biotech, Transhumanism

Death, bioethics and transhumanism

I can’t remember whether I’ve posted these links before (a quick search of the blog says not), but in a week’s time I’ll just back from Dunedin having attended the New Zealand Bioethics Conference: Wellbeing and Technology so it seemed apt to note them. There’s a session on transhumanism on the last day of the conference so I’ll be interested to see what the perspectives offered there include.

New Scientist magazine had a special focus on ‘death’ back in October (see Special Report on Death – New Scientist) with a bit in it on transhumanist aspirations to overcome death (or at least, short life) – Death special: The plan for eternal life – being-human – 13 October 2007 – New Scientist (including a link to the video YouTube – Quest for immortality featuring various transhumanists and ‘techno-progressives’).

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