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An interesting post about a set of interviews with US scientists about religious and spiritual beliefs and practices. Part of a follow-up to a larger survey and indicate that religious/spiritual inclination might be much higher than is commonly portrayed in a science vs. religion conflict model.

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  1. The knowledge about religion/spirituality has not yet been standardized. Due to this there exists these days utter confusion regarding many aspects. Just as before Issac Newton standardized the theories of motion, gravitation, etc., there existed diverse & non-coherent views on the subject, it is the same case now with the knowledge of spirituality. The advances that have taken place in the knowledge of natural science due to Newton’s works have been tremendous. But in comparison there has been little or no development w.r.t. the knowledge of spirituality. It is due to this lack of standardization in the knowledge of spirituality and the absence of a giant figure (similar to Newton in the natural sciences) in the field of spirituality that there exists so much delusion and diverse and non-coherence of ideas & knowledge in the spiritual realm. The so called spiritual leaders and scholars of this day are satisfied with making vague statements about different aspects of spirituality without trying to find common ground or practical theories which can be universally applied with positive and useful results as well as pave the path for further development of knowledge in this arena. Unless we make ground-breaking advances in the knowledge of spirituality with creative theories that can find universal application producing results as well as pointing to further development in that knowledge itself, we shall continue to live in the present Dark Age (w.r.t. Spirituality), where there is utter confusion regarding the knowledge of Spirituality. Let us all be optimistic & work towards that creative endeavour which could produce a Newton (or, Einstein) in the field of Spirituality – only then can we come out of the dillemma into which we have put ourselves where we find conflict of cultures, religions & spirituality.

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