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Amazing Extraordinary Friends

Amaz Extraordin FriendWe recently picked up the first season of Amazing Extraordinary Friends on DVD and the kids (plus some older ones) are loving it. A locally-made teenage superhero series that doesn’t take itself seriously, with the kids yelling out when they see a location in ‘Central City’ that they know. The effects are a little corny and a selection of familiar faces fill the adult roles, but it has a certain charm, pays homage to the genre, and has a soundtrack heavily influenced by Danny Elfman (from my ear anyway).

Think Heroes (with way less violence) meets The Greatest American Hero meets Who Wants to Be a Superhero? (and I’d also throw in elements of Zenith, Mystery Men and Ben 10).

We never saw the series when it first played on NZ free to air TV, but will look out for it in future.

You can find the trailers for seasons 1 and 2 at:

On a related note – other TV series the kids have enjoyed on DVD recently include:

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  1. hi Stephen, Thanks for dropping by my rather inactive blog… it hasn’t fared well in the last six months, not helped by nearly three months overseas with very limited internet access. I am thinking about getting off facebook so as to concentrate on the blog…. we’ll see!
    And am I right in thinking you have an actual (gasp!) academic job! Congratulations! An impressive achievement when jobs are so thin on the ground. Hope you are finding it very satisfying. I am enjoying my research position while it lasts… another eight months or so at this stage. I am hoping I might be able to find something similar for next year, as I would like to finish a few research projects of my own, and I’m not very good at juggling that with teaching.

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