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The Mediated Spirit

Tmscover0001Received The Mediated Spirit multimedia CD-ROM by Peter Horsfield in the mail the other day and I’m looking forward to having a moment in the next week or so to have a good look at it. Initial surveys look promising.

Here’s the blurb about “The Mediated Spirit” off the web site:

One of the first major studies to provide in digital format a systematic exploration of the important role played by media in the historical development and present ferment of Christianity. It places the changes brought by digital media in historical context, illustrating how Christianity has always been a mediated spirit, its different forms inextricably linked to the nature of its cultural mediation.

With more than 1,000 links and 300 pages providing the chance to follow a topic or follow your own interests, the CDRom is an essential resource for researchers, educators, planners or those just interested in understanding how media have influenced the past and are shaping the present.

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