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Weekends are for resting – yeah, right!

The end of another hectic weekend is upon us – having just returned from an afternoon down in Hamilton for a most excellent wedding. With all the kids now into the football (soccer) season, Saturday mornings are a logistical exercise in getting the four of them to four different venues on a Saturday morning (think, traveling salesman problem), and then all the other things that are on at the moment. Last weekend it was football (x4), a birthday party to attend, and an out of town visitor for the night on Saturday, followed by a most of the day inter-school Krypton Factor that two of the kids were in on the Sunday. This weekend it was football (x4), first-born’s birthday, an engagement party, family staying over night and then the wedding in Hamilton today.

And anyone who thinks watching your kids playing football is relaxing needs their head checked. I’m still recovering from the highs and lows of yesterday’s performances.

I’m thinking it’s time to look at the next few weekends and see what can be culled from the events calendar. These things are all good (like all the people we saw today at the wedding who we haven’t seen for ages) but every Monday we’re a little more tired going to work.

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