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Digital Technology

Techy Windows question

I (foolishly) assumed the home Acer PC was using NTFS for the file system on its hard disk, but have now found after working on some large files that it is FAT32 and I can’t have files larger than 4GB! How bizarre – way, way back before I started theological training etc. we were using NTFS by default on our old Pentium (I) NT 4 boxes at work. Surely if XP works better with NTFS why was this not the default. Apart from being able to boot from floppy to access the hard disk their should be no advantage?

So, I’m looking at converting the drive over to NTFS – as per the Microsoft instructions here.

I have a big batch of blank DVDs for backup, plus the iPod also for backups. So I will get things back if they turn to custard, but I was wondering if anyone had any experiences of the conversion process first-hand? There’s always something to watch out for.

BTW – on the iBook I’m running the journalling file system which I turned on at install. That seems really good, compared to the old file system that 10.1 & 10.2 had.

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