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Theology and Firefly


Fernando’s post Fernando’s Desk » Why Joss Whedon Is a Better Theologian than Most Bloggers and Preachers linked through to Ryan Torma’s blog (ryan torma: Firefly & Faith) which in turn linked through to Cowgirl Jazz‘s blog with lots of Firefly material and to Ryan’s own article “Seeking Serenity: Creating spaces for theological dialogue between churches and young adults through the Joss Whedon television series Firefly and film Serenity“.

Further chasing of links lead to:

Which in turn reminded me of:

And I’ve gone through the blog and now put everything Firefly and Serenity related into a new “Firefly” category with links to resources relating to Firefly, reviews, comics etc.


  1. Ah come on!! Is nothing sacred. Just watch the damn series and forget about God for two gorram seconds!! 😛

  2. Well said.

    Mostly I just watch the programmes because I enjoy them. However, it’d be rude to ignore the (metaphysical/theological) stuff that creators put in intentionally. 🙂

  3. *cough*

    i WILL finish the study series soon, i promise 😛

    i really REALLY mean that as I’ve got another tv series or three and some movies I’d love to get to sometime soon…

  4. Promises, promises… 🙂

  5. Thanks for mentioning my blog – if you have time to stop by again I’d welcome feedback on the two stories I’ve recently posted on it – especially the one about Shepherd Book

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