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Possible new comics to follow

Way, way back I started reading the late Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series. Probably back in 1991, I think. Anyway, I liked some of the series premises, even if I couldn’t stand how most of the latter books dragged, increased the number of extraneous ancilliary characters, and never appeared to be heading for a conclusion. I was hoping they’d be a final volume to wrap it all up – but with the sad event of Jordan’s death and then the subsequent author’s work on the series makes it looks like it’ll be three more volumes!.

Some I’m intrigued to see how this comic series will work – Newsarama | Preview: Wheel of Time: Eye of the World #1. Could it really take 28 years to get through the story in comic book form?

I also loved the one-shot introductory issue #0 of Dynamite’s Buck Rogers, so this looks like it might be worthwhile picking up for a while to see where it goes. See Newsarama | First Look: Dynamite’s Buck Rogers #1

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