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Conference: The Theological Meaning of Evolution

The Theological Meaning of Evolution

7pm Thursday 25 June – 5pm Saturday 27 June

Laidlaw College

Auckland Campus
80 Central Park Drive

Henderson, Waitakere

A conference to celebrate and interact with Darwinism, on the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary
of On the Origin of Species.

What impact has evolution had on the world and on belief? How does Darwinism challenge traditional Christian faith? What does evolution really mean in a theological sense? How has evolution changed and challenged theology and what can theology contribute to the conversation surrounding human origins and meaning.

Flyer with more details (PDF)

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  1. Stephen,
    This looks really interesting … kindof far for those of us on the otherside of the planet. Any chance some of this is going to be published online? Posted here?

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