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Academic photo-essays

I’m wondering about setting a photoessay as an assessment for a postgrad class next year (to try and break the mold of everything being lots and lots of words), and was wondering if anyone knew of some good examples of how to do that?

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  1. mark

    there is this :

    Photoessays in the Teaching of Marketing
    Irene C L Ng. Journal of Marketing Education. Boulder: Dec 2006. Vol. 28, Iss. 3; pg. 237, 17 pgs
    Abstract (Summary)
    A photoessay is a group of photographs with a common theme, used as instruction through its presentation, accompanied by narration. Through a qualitative study embedded within an action research process, photoessays have been found to aid knowledge construction through a reinforcement of understanding, feedback, cognitive efficiency, reflection, creativity, motivation, and emotional resonance. These learning dimensions also serve to aid students’ transfer abilities. The study also shows how photoessays should be constructed and instructed to facilitate such learning. To achieve this, photoessays must reflect theory, capture emotions, provide perspectives, allow for students to abstract theory, and participate in the discovery of information. Although presenting the photoessay may help students learn and apply knowledge, its construction also helps educators integrate their practice, knowledge, and teaching while fostering creativity. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

    Indexing (document details)
    Subjects: Essays, Photographs, Teaching methods, Learning, Marketing, Studies
    Classification Codes 8306 Schools and educational services, 9130 Experiment/theoretical treatment, 7000 Marketing
    Author(s): Irene C L Ng
    Document types: Feature
    Document features: Photographs, Tables, Diagrams, References
    Publication title: Journal of Marketing Education. Boulder: Dec 2006. Vol. 28, Iss. 3; pg. 237, 17 pgs
    Source type: Periodical
    ISSN: 02734753
    ProQuest document ID: 1173933711
    Text Word Count 9252
    Document URL:

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