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The return of Magdalena

Over the past year of so I’ve become quite interested in the whole ‘warrior nun’ figure in contemporary comic book. From The Magdalena and Warrior Nun Areala through to more recent The Sisterhood. While they tend to follow the standard superhero formulae (including ‘spandex’) there are the odd moments where some interesting religious/spiritual material gets dealt with and also novel ways that religious symbols are appropriated.

Finding back issues of these kinds of comics is pretty hard here in NZ – I’ve picked up some at events like Armageddon – some I was interested to read that there was a new series of The Magdalena coming out soon.

As part of that there was a recent interview with the co-authors of the series, Ron Marz and Nelson Blake, about what they plan to do with the series. (See : The Descendant of Jesus Christ Fights in TOP COW Ongoing Series).

In the interview, Marz says,

Well, hopefully nobody thinks this is going to be a theology text. The book is still about a kick-ass chick in a cool costume fighting monsters. But we’ll definitely touch on matters of faith, and the role of organized religion in the world.

So I guess it’s business of usual there.

You can also see some of a past Magdalena story over at: Tied in with that is

Newsarama | Ron Marz/Ryan Sook’s Full MAGDALENA Story FREE! Page 1

(I wonder if any of the nuns I know have an assortment of ninja weapons and equipment?)

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