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Christian Science Fiction?

Just been setting some essay questions for the “Bible in Popular Culture” course, including one on religion and science fiction so I thought this was pretty timely over on – Christian readers demand more science fiction books. Why won’t Christian publishers listen?.

I think the authors are on to something here. The best theological science fiction – which takes the opportunity to use the freedom found in the speculative nature of the genre – doesn’t seem to be published by ‘Christian’ publishers. I can think of some counter-examples, but I’d definitely be more likely to find something at the local Whitcoulls or Borders which connected religion and science fiction in an intelligent manner.

On a related note, a number of bookshops I’ve been into recently have decimated their science fiction sections (and to a certain degree their fantasy sections too) and replaced them with sections headed up ‘Vampires’. I’m hoping the fad passes soon and we get back to having a broader scifi/fantasy selection to pick from in stores. (Not that I’m averse to a good vampire novel – or even a trashy one when I’m tired and reading on the train – but it’s all a little overwhelming when looking for something else)

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