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Citing iBooks, Kindle books and other eBooks?

I just know this is going to come up in the near future when marking student essays (or writing my own papers). The ‘classic’ eBooks through the university library basically have a verbatim image of the page of a print version – citing them is easy. But what about eBooks that have repaginated the text, is there a variant way of citing these if you need to cite a page no.?


  1. RJM

    Apparently APA style has rules for Kindle, but Chicago is yet to set guidelines. Surely citing page numbers is not required when an ebook is (presumably) searchable?

  2. Paul

    Hi Stephen,

    I would really like to know this. I’m reading a lot of Kindle and iBookand don’t know how to reference them.

    Hope your luggage arrived safe and sound.


  3. Mark Hangartner

    The CMoS Q&A provides an answer but no example:

    Q. Are there any conventions yet for citing a text on Kindle? ….

    A. …. Like unpaged online content, Kindle editions are best cited with reference to chapter titles or numbers, subheadings, or a unique phrase that can be located by searching.

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