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The Church After Google

Missed this when it came out last year – an issue of the Princeton Theological Review oriented around the theme of ‘The Church after Google’.

You can get a list of all the past issues here (with download links).

Or just download Issue 43 (Fall 2010) The Church after Google directly (PDF).

Content of issue:

  • Theology and the Church After Google – Philip Clayton
  • The Separation of Church and Status: How Online Social Networking Helps and Hurts the Church – Brett McCraken
  • Gospel Truth in the Age of Google – Rachel Johnson
  • The Canon After Google: Implications of a Digitized and Destabilized Codex – Ched Spellman
  • Faith Comes From Hearing: The Scandal of Preaching in a Digital Age – Matt O’Reilly
  • Virtual World Churches and the Reformed Confessions – Neal Locke
  • ‘Thou Hast Given Me a Body’: Theological Anthropology and the Virtual Church – Travis Pickell
  • Hacking into the Church Mainframe: A Theological Engagement of the Post-Informational World – Henry Kuo
  • Theo-Blogging and the Future of Academic Theology: Reflections from the Trenches – David Congdon & Travis McMaken
  • Theological Blogging: A Contradiction in Terms? – Brian Brock

Hat tip to Andrew Picard.

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