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Career Advice: Why We Said No

Having sat on both sides of the academic position application and interview process – as an applicant and also on job search committees – I found this article pretty much how it is. Not necessarily comforting for newly minted PhDs looking for a job, but still an insight into the process.

See Career Advice: Why We Said No – Inside Higher Ed.


  1. Hi Stephen,

    thanks for this link. A helpful article, if indeed discouraging! I haven’t thrown my hat in that particular ring yet (and may never), but have heard from others what its like to be on the receiveing end of rejection. A good insight for someone toying with the idea of pursuing a university career.

  2. Yes, it is a bit depressing. Especially if you’re a newly minted PhD student who loves their subject and then, after years of financial and other sacrifices, finds all the doors firmly bolted.

    Like this too:

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