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Supervillains and Space Opera

Having spent the last few months immersed in pop culture related to angels, vampires and wizards (see below), it’s time to return to the superhero and space opera genres. (If I have time later this year, then I’d been keen to whip out a paper on the theologies found in angel fiction).

In particular, I’ve been reading comic book related material that explores what happens when things turn to custard and the heroes don’t win. (Think Megamind (which I enjoyed) but with much, much darker overtones). Mark Waid’s writing explores this in several different ways – from the anarchy of unrestrained power in Kingdom Come, where the older heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman cease their roles, to the darkness in Empire with it’s triumphant villain, through to Irredeemable (which I’m currently readings) where the ‘Superman’ character goes rogue. All interesting explorations of power and its use and abuse.
I’ve also picked up Austin Grossman’s novel ‘Soon I will be Invincible‘ which also looks like it will explore some of the same themes.
And, when I’m done with that it’s a return to Neal Asher’s Polity universe with ‘The Technician’ and ‘The Gabble and other stories’.
Should all be good for the train ride to and from work.
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