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New Year

A week or so ago I renewed the domain name for the tenth time. Originally I acquired the domain name and web hosting to experiment with a web site for keeping track of various interesting web links and to have my own email address (pre-gMail).

I started using phpWebsite, before starting a blog to keep track of my PhD research project and to connect with other bloggers. That started out in August 2003 using Blogger to FTP the blog onto this site. Later on I moved to MovableType before finally settling on WordPress.

Since finishing the PhD and starting a full-time academic role the frequency of blog posts declined (esp. with Facebook becoming more useful to connect to people) and last year I really didn’t blog much at all as work, health and family kept me very, very busy.

This year I’m planning on getting back into blogging. Facebook doesn’t really work for organising things I want to keep track of, and I enjoy other people’s blogs – even though it might be considered blasé in some circles.

With the old iPad I’ve inherited and a mobile connection, I’m thinking the commute on the train might be a good time to do that.

Anyway, the new year is well underway now so it’s time to get back into it. Hope your new year has started well. All the best for 2013.