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Public Lecture: Exploring the spiritual terrain of the cancer experience; stories and statistics

Public Lecture for the Theology, Spirituality and Cancer Symposium

Exploring the spiritual terrain of the cancer experience; stories and statistics
Richard Egan PhD
School of Medicine, University of Otago

Cancer affects everyone differently but what is evident is that it turns most people’s lives upside down. For those with cancer, along with their family/whanau and friends, the cancer experience may challenge their beliefs and values, a sense of who they are, and their meaning and purpose in life. For many, the cancer experience is not only a reminder of their own mortality but it also provides a sense of connectedness. Our work with people who have experienced cancer suggests these are the elements that begin to define the spiritual terrain for people traversing the cancer landscape.

This presentation will consider people’s stories and will be supported by population based statistics, combined with contemporary ways of seeing health and well-being as a means to explore the often considered profound spiritual experience of cancer.

Thursday 20 February, 7.30pm
Library Theatre B10, Alfred Street, The University of Auckland
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061bb0bRichard Egan is a lecturer in health promotion at the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, Dunedin School of Medicine, University of Otago. Working in the Cancer Society Social and Behavioral Research Unit, Richard teaches Undergraduate and Postgraduate health promotion. His background includes five years working as a health promoter/professional advisor in a Public Health Unit and five years secondary school teaching. Richard’s academic interests centre on supportive care in cancer, health promotion and the place of spirituality in health and well-being. Richard is a mixed methods researcher, with a particular focus on qualitative research.

This lecture is presented in association with Theology at the University of Auckland and Laidlaw College, Auckland.

PDF Flyer available here: Richard Egan Lecture.

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