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Jesus films – updating media

Each year I do a module in an undergradute Christology course that focuses on cinematic portrayals of Jesus, and I’m getting ready to do that again in late September. So, I’m looking at my DVD and digital media collection of films (and a few TV series) that deal explicitly with the portrayal of Jesus and those around him, and wondering what to add to it.

A quick survey of the bookshelves in my office gives me the following films:

Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding to these. I’m particularly interested in locating some Jesus films from non-Western contexts, as well as trying to locate some of the very early cinematic portrayals of Jesus like the 1903 The Life and Passion of Christ (of which a painstakingly colourised version can be found on YouTube below).



  1. Manuel Garcia

    A movie for you to check out is “Son of Man” 2006 I saw it at Sundance years ago. It is well worth a veiwing.

  2. Comment by post author


    Thanks. I’ve got a bunch of new Jesus films on the way to me at the moment, and that one is one of them.