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Religion and Comics – A Top 10 (Part 5)

SupermanPeaceOnEarthToday’s comic is Superman: Peace on Earth, a large format graphic novel that is the first in a tabloid-sized series of standalone stories by Paul Dini and Alex Ross created for the 60th anniversary of DC Comics.

In this particular story, set at Christmas-time, Superman reflects on the poverty and suffering in the world and commits himself to attempting to eradicate it through his own efforts. Ultimately, thwarted by the humanity he is attempting to serve, he abandons his quest and instead seeks to serve as an inspiration to others.

The story is an interesting one, with Superman cast as the saviour of the world, but ultimately unable to save humanity because of the self-interest and darkness of the human heart. It touches on theodicy, as well as a kind of Spider-Man-like “With great power comes great responsibility”.

The art work in the comic is, as might be expected from Alex Ross, beautiful and the story is one that has much to commend it as a piece to get people thinking about how the world, and people’s hearts and minds, might be changed.

The other comics in the series are shown below.

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