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Writing for journals

Laura Moss writes a really helpful article on writing articles for academic journals and what things you can do to improve the overall experience for yourself, the editor(s), and the peer-reviewers.

My advice here is aimed at scholars of all levels and not just emerging ones. We all need to work on finding optimal ways to communicate our research. Successful articles share certain elements that make them a pleasure to read and shepherd through the process: a strong argument, a clear logic of organization and an audible authorial voice, for starter. My comments are ordered in three categories: 1) before submission, 2) the article itself and 3) after you receive a report. Almost every point begins with a comment, in bold, that I have made in a decision letter. None of my points will be particularly earth-shattering — and some are downright obvious — yet every single one comes from having had dozens of submissions that do not follow it.

Laura moss

You can find the full article here: Inside Highed ED – 25 Ways to Increase Your Chances at Publication


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    Thanks for this resource ? its really helpful. Hopefully i can translate the her pointers into my writing.

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