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Religion in recent New Zealand media

The last few months in New Zealand have, in my opinion, seen an increase in the number of articles published in the media concerning religion. In part, that’s a response to the tragedy of March 15 in Christchurch, where media found they were underequipped to deal deeply with religion in the NZ context, as well as an increased awareness of religion seen in following events such as the Sri Lankan bombings and an increased presence of religion in the politics of everyday life, including the rise of religiously-shaped political parties and politicians, religion and sport, and things like the euthanasia debate. As part of tracking that, I’ve collected a number of links below to various media outlets etc. connecting to this. Interestingly, most of these are from the Stuff website. I follow that, RNZ, and the NZ Herald regularly but it seems the former has more intentionally covered religion recently. As an aside, the NZ Herald’s new paywall system may result in religious material being less visible and accessible – esp. to communities that don’t have the financial support to access and interact with it.

Christchurch-related stories and posts