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Jesus and Time-travel Stories (2)

I had some follow up comments and emails from the Jesus and Time-travel Stories post with some further suggestions, so I’ve listed those below. I’m also wondering if there might be some stories in comics like 2000AD that I might be missing too.

REVIEW: 'Theology and Science Fiction' enlightens but needs more detailed  analysis – Pop Mythology

First up, I’d missed the short story Certainty by James McGrath found at the back of his book Theology and Science Fiction. A short tale that posits questions about free will, divine providence, and time-travel with the ensuing paradoxes. You can find the book at the link above, as well as a lecture by James McGrath on religion and science fiction below.

The Past, Present, and Future of Christianity in Science Fiction – James McGrath (2021)

I didn’t know about this German-produced film either, so I’m adding the details below.

Das Jesus Video (Jesus Video: The Hunt for the Hidden Relic) (2002)

The Hunt for the Hidden Relic (TV Movie 2002) - IMDb

Director: Sebastian Niemann
Time: 3h 2m

“A German archaeological excavation in Israel finds a 2,000-year-old skeleton holding instructions for a video camera – results of an apparent time traveler who recorded footage of Jesus Christ.”

You can watch it at:

And the trailer is below: