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Westie power lines and the suburban landscape

One of the dominant features of West Auckland are the series of high tension power lines that run from pylon to pylon across the suburbs – across rivers and creeks, over residential properties and schools, alongside motorways, and through commercial and light industrial areas. Taking electricity generated down south to the north of the North Island, the wires hum and crackle through the visual landscape of the west, causing distress to some, annoyance to others, and concerns over property prices and public heath. It’s been a feature of local news and politics for the 25 years or so, I’ve lived in West Auckland.

They’re so much part of the local culture and environment that the Outrageous Fortune (2005-10) television show set in West Auckland make them a visual prop on the show’s advertising.

In the last year, I’ve taken to photographing them against the West Auckland urban and suburban background. You’re never too far from seeing one or walking or driving under the power lines. Below are a few shots from New Lynn, Massey, Henderson, and Glendene.