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Out on the street

A couple of weekends ago I took part in the practical part of a street photography workshop. The workshop also featured two online video meetups either side of the physical meetup to here about street photography from the tutor’s perspective, and then an opportunity to share photos and experiences with the others on the workshop.

The workshop was run by Dave Simpson ( and was excellent. Low key enough for an introvert like me, but social too. Nice to meet some new people, enjoy their company, and see what they were interested in photographing.

At the physical meetup, we had a couple of hours together in downtown Auckland, starting with the Latin American festival in Aotea Square, walking down to Britomart via High St, watching the demonstration there, then over to the Viaduct Basin and Winyard Quarter, and back up Albert St. A good walk with time to explore different locations along the way.

After the meetup we were asked to pick around 10-ish photos from the walk to share with each other. These are my selections.

Definitely learnt a lot from Dave and the others on the workshop, as well as looking at familiar parts of the Auckland in new ways.