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Prodigal Kiwi Blog: Colossian Targums

Encouraged by Paul’s entry on Prodigal Kiwi Blog: Colossian Targums I printed a copy of Brian Walsh’s Colossian Targums: Reading Paul in a Postmodern Context and was glad that I did so.

The second part, entitled “Targum #2 – Subversive Poetry in a Postmodern World:
Colossians 1.15-20”, was amazing. A couple of parts linked in with some cyberculture stuff I’ve been reading.

In the face of a disconnected world
  where home is a domain in cyberspace
  where neighbourhood is a chat room
  where public space is a shopping mall
  where information technology promises
  a tuned in, reconnected world
    all things hold together in Christ
      the creation is a deeply personal cosmos
      all cohering and interconnected in Jesus

Now I’m off to play board games with my three and a half year old daughter. Enough virtuality for today.

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