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It’s raining again.

A few things today.

Had a nice cup of coffee and chat with Steve at Auckland University today and then hitched a ride with Rachel (thanks!) (and Steve) back out to West Auckland. Good to hear that Steve’s settling into Christchurch and that the Auckland course is going well. Disappointed that Rachel doesn’t have a red sports car though.

I also popped along to the public lecture on “The Biological Basis of Memory” by Nobel Laureate Prof. Eric Kandel. Intriguing stuff. Some nice background material for the stuff on neurotheology that’s waiting to be read.

Also you may want to check out the following DVD. I heard the end of an interview with Dean Hapeta on National Radio at the weekend and the Ngatahi project sounds really interesting.

NGATAHI – KNOW THE LINKS is a stimulating streetwise orchestration of philosophical thought focusing on socio-political issues amongst indigenous and marginalised peoples in twenty countries.

Shot, produced, directed and edited by Dean Hapeta a.k.a Te Kupu parts 1 & 2 of this four part “rapumentary” series are available now on DVD featuring footage from Canada, england, France, Colombia, Hawai’i, Cuba, USA, Jamaica, Australia and Aotearoa.

There’s more information at NGATAHI – KNOW THE LINKS with a fuller description at Ngatahi.

Oh! And it rained a lot today. Again. Must be summer here in Auckland. Expressed the opinion to Steve that living in Auckland must be the equivalent to the exodus in the desert. Sooner or later you get to leave and enter the “promised land”. Either that or Auckland is Purgatory.

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