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Science & Technology

I want a pair of these…

Socks that plug into a battery and keep your feet warm using special conductive wool developed here in NZ.

Fly fishermen, skiers, hikers and sports fans, take note: Soon, all you will need to keep your toes toasty warm are special wool socks and a 7-volt battery.

See: Wired News: Warm Toes Are Happy Toes


  1. mmmm. it’s spring in England; I went to work today in optimistically spring-like clothes. By the time I came home my toes were frozen and my lips were BLUE!! I need those socks…

  2. Yeah, they sound great. It doesn’t get too cold here in Auckland (the odd frost and lots of rain) but being able to have warm feet while standing on the platform waiting for the train would be great. (See for the reason why this is important.)

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