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Blogosphere blessings

Sometimes you read stuff on people’s blogs and it fits in really well with other things going on in your life. I was preparing a lecture on human sexuality last week and both Maggi Dawn and Paul Fromont posted things that helped tie some loose ends for me.

Maggi’s posting, Honesty, part ii, contained a helpful reminder that all human beings, regardless of sexual orientation, are in need of grace in their relationships – that no one ever lives without some relationships that involve hurt and pain.

Paul’s posting on Douglas Coupland, Hey Douglas Coupland!, included a link to an interview that made the comment that when you target a group of people (say, for marketing purposes) you dehumanize them. So too when we talk about “issues” in human sexuality. It’s not “issues” were talking about, it’s flesh and blood, real live people.

So a big thanks to them, and to all the other blogs I read intermittently. You never know when something you post is incredibly helpful to others.

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