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Film Festival: “Allie Eagle and me”

Posting this on behalf of a friend who knows both the artist and the director. Looks really interesting. See bottom of the posting for dates and times as well as links to more detailed information.

With refreshing honesty and directness Briar March’s debut film Allie Eagle and me depicts the life and work of New Zealand artist Allie Eagle. Structured around the preparation for Allie Eagle’s recent exhibition, Sudden Imperative, the young filmmaker reflects on how the older artist’ s feminist priorities have shifted. By exploring the issues of spirituality, and art-making, both women consider the impact of their own generation’s art and thinking.

In New Zealand, Allie Eagle is recognised as a significant contributor to the Women’s Art Movement of the 1970s and 80s. At that time she was regarded as one of the most hardcore feminist activists of her generation, totally committed to political processes which celebrated and empowered women. In the film, Allie Eagle addresses her concern that audiences and critics have often locked her work into a feminist time warp. This concern is the driving force behind her new show, in which the artist now embraces the Christian faith of her childhood.

You can see the film at the following times:

Auckland (with Sheilas: 28 Years On)
Academy Sunday 11 July at 1.00 pm
Academy Monday 12 July at 6.00 pm
Academy Thursday 15 July at 10.15 am

Lunctime screenings:
City Gallery Tuesday 27 July at 12.15 pm
City Gallery Tuesday 27 July at 1.30 pm

If you live in Christchurch or Dunedin then I believe Chrysalis Seed Trust in Christchurch are arranging special screenings down south. Check with them.

Here’s the Press release.
And the film festival web site.

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    There is no way I’m letting my husband meet Allie Eagle!!
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