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Books on the go

Even though I’ve been busy preparing theology lectures and generally stressing out being busy recently I’ve been reading these too.

Just finished Alan Jamieson’s Journeying in Faith. To be honest I think I got more out of A Churchless Faith but as with that book the stories told by the various people interviewed were the highlight for me. I admit I found some of the middle chapters dragged a bit but the final chapter “Belonging In and Beyond the Church” will be one I will revisit. After reading it that was the section that I’d like to see expanded upon. (Triggering thoughts with Miroslav Volf’s “exclusion and embrace” motifs)

Also on the bedside table are Stephen Baxter’s Evolution and David Slack’s Bullshit, Backlash and Bleeding Hearts: A confused person’s guide to The Great Race Row. Finding both stimulating reading.

Also on the reading agenda are Evangelical Ecclesiology: Reality or Illusion? (The shift I perceive in some parts of evangelicalism away from a broad movement toward becoming a narrow “denomination” disturbs me) and The Dynamics of Human Life.

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