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Looking forward, looking back

Funny sort of a day today. Asked to speak at the School of Theology postgrad seminar on my experiences at the ANZATS conference in Melbourne last month and on participating in the uni postgrad poster expo/competion last year. Sort of felt like a “what did you do in the holidays?” school project.

This year it looks like there’ll be more scope for posters outside of the science/engineering fields so hopefully there will be more theologians out there wanting to get involved with this year’s poster expo. Got very wet going to give the talk as I had to park a long way off campus even though I’d added in extra time to find a park. Dripped my way through the talks.

Also had to complete and hand in my annual PhD review today. It was good to do – I’ve been thinking that progress is slow but when I started writing down all the stuff I’ve done (conferences, papers, expos, chapters etc.) I found it all quite encouraging.

Nice to take time to look back and get some encouragement to go forward.

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