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Some editorial comment on the “Enough is Enough!” march from Dave over at Big News. I’d missed the coverage so the links through to different sites and photos were useful.

Still processing all the different thoughts the images and comments have thrown up.


  1. It’s thrown up a lot of questions for me too – and I wrestle with when we should ‘impose’ our views publicly, and when we should let our lifestyle ‘speak’ our views – by living out what we believe.

  2. I think one of the things that has become apparent to me is that there is little “safe” space between either end of the spectrum for people to express an opinion, to try and work out what it is they think or want to express, and to ask questions of each party (more than two) involved. There’s a definite “if you’re not with us then you’re against us” attitude that seems to come from either end of the spectrum in this, and on many other public issues.

    Being able to express the opinion “I’m with you on some of this because…” and “I’m against some of this because…” doesn’t have a show (nor does it make good media copy).

    Personally I think that an integrated faith (not separated into “public/private” categories) means there will have to be times to speak out, to work with other parties towards a common good, to be involved in the political process, as well as share that faith in a variety of different ways. Christ’s teachings were explicitly socio-political but that was also coupled with his lifestyle and personal compassion.

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