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The sessions on “Real World Theology” (Stream F) I’m team-teaching with Steve Taylor at the Auckland incarnation of Kingdom Builders 04 are rapidly approaching.

Title in the programme: Theology & Real Life – Applying Jesus to the environment, the foreshore and the information superhighway.

For me it’s both an opportunity and a challenge to take themes like creation, the Trinity and eschatology (Christian hope and end times thought) that I work with in my research and academic teaching and connect them with everyday issues. (Not that I don’t do that in my research and teaching but the emphases are tailored for a different environment).

The challenge here for me is not just to make theology relevant to everyday believers but to encourage them to reflect upon their faith and how it interacts with the real world. To go away looking at the world with altered (and hopefully more Christ-like) vision.

I’m also enjoying learning about collaboration at a distance on a project – something that will become more common for me in the years ahead I think. Nice to work with Steve in particular on a project and learn stuff from him as well.

Anyway, Steve and I do our thing here in Auckland on Sept 9, 10 & 11 (and Steve’s doing a stream on “Future Church” at Christchurch KB04 earlier that week with Kevin Ward).

And yes, I know “information superhighway” is so very nineties. Maybe I should have chosen “blogging” instead.

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