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Busy weekend

Very busy weekend for all of us. Multiple birthday parties for friends, a farewell dinner, a triva competition plus all the normal weekend stuff.

chris-marshall.jpg Friday night Kim and I attended a farewell dinner for Chris Marshall at BCNZ. After 19 years of teaching NT studies at BCNZ Chris is heading off to Victoria University in Wellingon to be the St John’s Senior Lecturer in Christian Theology. Chris has been hugely influential in encouraging me with my studies – both as a student of his and as a colleague for a year. Always time to talk and offer sage advice, as well as bringing a fresh perpective to the NT – linking it with the real world. (Here’s an article he wrote a while back on Following Christ in Life: The Anabaptist-Mennonite Tradition). Good food, good company and some good speechs from Tim, Jo, Mark and Monica. Tim’s reference in his speech to Chris’ linking of worship to research was very true. We wish Chris and his family all the best for the new venture.

Saturday was birthdays for Kim’s godmother and another friend of our, Sarah. While a little bit older than us Sarah had moved in similar circles at Canterbury University (although we didn’t know her then) so there was lots of mutual friends who’d written stuff for her birthday book. Nice to think back to then and also to enjoy good food and company in the present.

Sunday afternoon there was a fund-raising Trivia Competition run along the lines of “Pub Trivia” by a professional trivia organisers. Money raised for a good cause. We entered as part of a team from our church and came tied for first . However as we had more people in our team than the other one they won overall. Gutted! Far too competitive at times.

Still it was a game of eight halves, all credit to the opposition and trivia was the winner on the day. (But, oh so close! Arrggghhh!)

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