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Dembski to head seminary’s faith-and-science center

Science & Theology News – News: Dembski to head seminary’s faith-and-science center

The man who has become both figurehead and lightning rod for the intelligent design movement in America recently agreed to direct a science-and-religion center at one of the nation’s most conservative Protestant seminaries.

William Dembski, a philosopher of science, was hired in September to head Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s new Center for Science and Theology. Dembski’s appointment will begin when the center opens June 1 at the Louisville, Ky., school.

Should be interesting. Dembski ruffled a few feathers at Baylor and, I imagine, will do the same here.

For those of you who don’t know what Dembski and co propose as “Intelligent Design” have a look here: (Intelligent Design Topic : Introduction and History Topic : Intelligence Design. One of the most common places to see ID is in the Focus on the Family video Unlocking the Mystery of Life.

Personally, I don’t think ID in it’s best case scenario goes beyond asserting theism (or even deism in some cases) – a form of general revelation. In fact, it can become another system tainted by “God of the gaps” thinking.

When Dembski was in NZ a year or two back I asked him what could sit under ID – was it exclusively a 6-day creation type position? Basically he said anything theistic can sit under it – theistic evolutionism, progressive creationist as well as the creation science (6-day) crowd.

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