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God In The Machine: What Robots Teach Us About Humanity And God

Ordered God In The Machine: What Robots Teach Us About Humanity And God today. Always good to find a book directly related to your thesis topic.

Hollywood to the halls of NASA, robots loom large in the popular imagination. But what feelings do these lifelike machines really provoke in us? In God in the Machine, Dr. Anne Foerst draws on her expertise as both a theologian and computer scientist to address the profound questions that robots such as Cog and Kismet raise for us all: What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to have a soul? And what do robots teach us about our relationship with God?

I’ve read Anne Foerst’s material over the past few years and it’s been helpful in seeing how someone set out to establish a dialogue between theology and artificial intelligence, and weaves in her interpretation of what the image of God is and how that relates to AI.

There’s a very brief article here ( – Robot : Child of God) written by her with general responses posted below it for those of you who are interested.

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  1. tim

    I like her general approach, starting from Gen 1:27 and reading the image of God in terms of relationship seems good to me. And I think that once one does that complexity becomes important. Though here there are a few steps missing – at least in that brief article…

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