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Paperless office?

Over the last few days I’ve been trying to impose a level of order upon the chaos produced by writing and teaching. That, plus having to clean out my Carey office, meant the office at home has been covered in paper for days. Draft chapters, notes taken, half developed lectures, that same lecture/draft/article printed several times as it evolved, newspapers and magazines and several “million” memos, flyers and printed out web pages. So much for technology’s development of the Paperless office

Lecture notes are now filed, drafts in the filing cabinet, magazines are under control (only a year’s or two’s worth of Listeners to file away now), and an orderly pile of papers and articles to enter into EndNote (I keep a separate EndNote database of what’s in my filing cabinet) and then file.

But if I don’t do it today or tomorrow the piles will develop a life of their own and take over the floor & desk again.

Part of the problem is that I don’t like reading large amounts of text on a screen – reading a printed copy on the couch or in bed and being able to scrawl all over it. I like not being tied to my iBook for reading.

For the reading I do have to do on it maybe Tofu, a Mac OSX app to help reading large amounts of text on the screen, will aid me?

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