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Digital Technology

Pondering Possibilities In Podvertising

Article on how advertising might slip into podcasting (click on link to get Wikipedia explanation of that).

In Pondering Possibilities in Podvertising a variety of schemes are proposed (inserted audio ad, sponsorship, RSS ads etc.) as a response to those who like time-shifted audio (and video) content delivered to their MP3 player or similar.


  1. tim

    Ah, joy, bliss… listening to the beeb’s religion program and it gets interrupted by a noisy radio style advert 😉

    Mind you some of his other options sound better, giveaways I could handle… Sponsorships are tolerable…

  2. Plus, if your storing these audio programmes on your MP3 player or computer those ads take up storage space on your disk/memory.

    One of the things I still like about VHS tapes over DVDs is that you can fast forward through the promotional/legal stuff at the start at get to the movie/programme pronto. Nothing like wanting to start something quickly for the kids and having to wait for ages for the title menu to come up.

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