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New children’s TV stuff

Saw that last week TVNZ’s channel One started afternoon children’s television with a whole lot of new programmes (at least to us). They look way better than the animated commercials that seemed to populate the other channels for the past few years with drama and documentary-type programmes aimed at children. (What a radical idea – seems to be what I grew up with). Is this the effect of the mysterious Charter that TVNZ is meant to run under?

You can find the line up here: ZONE (after school) | TV ONE

As an aside, I’ve noticed that kids don’t cope so well with movies or TV dramas with real actors in stressful situations. But if the same situation occurs, say in an animated movie, then they aren’t affected so much by it. Is the generation brought up on animated fare somehow now unable to cope with the idea, the impact, of real people in dangerous or stressful situations? Have they lost the ability to deal with it, connect it to fiction and real life, and learn to engage with it? How does that affect the way they interact with other people – especially via mediated communication technologies?

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