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Internet Explorer Weirdness with Images

Okay. Now in the last couple of posts I’ve uploaded and embedded JPEG images in the blog postings. On my iBook in Firefox and Safari they show up. On the Windows XP Acer they show up in Firefox. But in Internet Explorer on the Acer there are just blank spaces where the images are meant to be. They still link if they have hyperlinks attached to them but no picture. If I just view the image URL on its own it shows up. So what’s happening that’s breaking IE? (insert deluge of IE bugs here). Alignment? Image format? Stylesheet problem?

Really annoying, because I don’t often check with WinXP – I just assume JPEGs get displayed.

Any clues?

Update: The images display fine on the individual archive pages – just not on the main page.
Update 2: And if I remove the “align” parameter from the “img” tag then they display – which is odd because IE knows what the alignment is and makes the space for the image in the right place. In the meantime I’ve just turned off the alignment – yuk! It looks like it might be a CSS clash/problem.
Update 3: Switching back to the default MT stylesheet caused the problem to go away. Looks like the interaction of container, content and blog styles. Time to update the templates and stylesheet, I think.

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