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Last week/this week

The last week. Lecturing on technoculture and the gospel last Monday here which was great. Good bunch of students who had some good questions and comments including “why doesn’t the church talk about Jesus and technology?” Then following up from that I ran into someone the next day who said they’d read my “Technology with heart” article (sorry, not online) and had started thinking about Jesus and technology (glad someone read it). Tuesday night house group pondered the nature of home in light of John 14 and Walsh & Bouma-Prediger’s article (as well as assembling and decorating 3D paper house models) – evangelism as hosptiality? Wednesday and Thursday marking introductory theology assignments for a couple of days which was quite enjoyable and finally dipping into articles from this issue of Currents in Theology and Mission on the created co-creator. It’s not available in NZ so I’m being drip-fed article by the library as I can only interloan two articles at a time from a single issue of a journal. Saturday we went to soccer to watch Mark’s team come back from 3-3 at half-time to finish ahead 11-3 – the second half was amazing with all the team thinking about the game and playing as a team. Christopher scored a goal for his team but was playing at another ground so I didn’t get to see that.

School holidays now so timetables are different for the next week. But I’m speaking on “A (systematic) theological contemplates the trauma of being human” for the Carey integrative seminar programme this week as well as serving on a panel which students present their research proposals to. Somewhere I’ll be writing a section on the created co-creator too.

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  1. Merv

    Umm. Shouldn’t your heading be “Last month/this month”. How do you fit all that stuff in?
    One special thing, for a non-academic, about reading blogs (esp. like yours) is being introduced to new concepts.
    I had never heard of Hefner’s “created co-creator” perspective before but I look forward to seeing if you get an opportunity to expand on this.
    go well.

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