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Carcassonne Extreme

We play lots of board and card games. Some of our favourites include Carcassonne (+variants), Settlers of Catan (again +variants) and Tigris and Euphrates. But nothing we play is on this scale – it has to be the largest game of Carcassone I’ve ever seen. Scoring the farms must be a pig (pun intended). See BoardGameGeek

BTW – Board games form a fairly regular part of our social life. You can get a group of people together around a game or two, with drinks and food, and spend an evening with stimulating conversation and shared stories while the games are played. Unlike a movie or video game the capacity to interact with others seems better as the games aren’t constantly demanding your attention. We’ve found that all sorts of people who might normally not mix together enjoy this environment.

[Of course, there are our other friends who hate board and card games but we still love them anyway 🙂 ]

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