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Xenotransplantation public dialogue – animal-to-human transplants

The Bioethics Council (Toi te Taiao) is currently looking for submissions and dialogue on the issue of xenotransplantation. From their web site,

Xenotransplantation – animal-to-human transplantsIn recent years a new type of technology has hit the headlines – xenotransplantation. In human medicine, xenotransplantation means using living non-human animal cells, tissues or organs to treat humans. It is not a new idea – animal organ and tissue transplants have been tried a number of times over the centuries, but with little success. Now, however, researchers are working on this technology again.

The Council is currently promoting public discussion on the cultural, spiritual and ethical aspects of animal-to-human transplantation.

You can contribute to this discussion here – Xenotransplantation – animal-to-human transplants.

The more people who do this now the better. Here’s an issue where spiritual input is being asked for as well as ethical input. How does a Christian understanding of human being interact with this issue? Have your say.

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